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Robb at the UAL Alumni Show


I am a Director and VFX wizard from the U.K., who now lives in California. I have filmed with tribes in the Amazon, been to the North Pole, smuggled money and film into Argentina during the Falklands war, set up MTV Europe, directed ‘A’ list movie stars, and made everything from TV shows to video games and commercials.


As the son of a photographer, I was first exposed to, and inspired by the world of film when as a young boy I saw the title sequence to the James Bond film ‘Goldfinger’ being shot in my Dad’s studio.


I graduated from  St Martin’s School of Art in London. (Yes I was at the first Sex Pistols gig!). Beyond my work in video production, I am a photographer, writer and artist.

Check out my Resumé page for more details.

Also, meet my talented friends and colleagues featured on my Blog page.

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For information on my new cloud based company for VFX fixes, retouching and enhancement, please visit VFXLA.

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